Significant Scheme for 2.5km of Pipework (Project Preview)

JD COOLING | Projects

JD Industrial have recently undertaken a project to install over 2.5km of pipework consisting of schedule 10 stainless 304L to ‘fluid group 2’ and ‘category assembly 1’ for steam and condensate – designed to PS 12-bar with a maximum temperature +250oC. All steam and condensate design was undertaken in-house in terms of the valves and expansion rates with condensate receiver.


All piping systems for all the service were designed internally and installed accordingly.


Also, but not limited to, additional services for the contract includes:

  • Chilled water flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Compressed air system two circuits (stainless 304L)
  • Condensate lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • Condensate high pressure lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • Condensate pumped (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • De-chlorinated water (stainless 304L)
  • Effluent (stainless 304L)
  • Hot water +85oC flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Hot water +95 oC flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Main boosted water (stainless 304L)
  • Softened de-chlorinated water (stainless 304L)
  • Main 12-bar steam lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • +30 oC first stage of cooling flow and return (stainless 304L)


The allowance in the bridge design to include for future heat recovery system pipes for the customer has reduced the CO2 target and lowered OPEX.