HV & LV distribution

Main and sub-main low voltage power is at the heart of every electrical installation. From the simple domestic dwelling, to the complexity of large industrial concerns using extensive amounts of electrical energy, and possibly incorporating the use of renewable green electrical technology.

We at JD Power offer customers with total main and sub-main electrical design and installation, from the supply transformer through to the distribution board that supplies the coffee machine.

Our designs do not discriminate between projects, and are all designed with energy and financial savings in mind – bespoke and tailored to individual needs. To that end, our designs will always include the most energy efficient products available at the time, and the use of Power Factor Connection to get the best return from the installation both energy wise and financially.

Project example

An example of where this was a success was at the site of a leading developer and manufacturer of complex medical devices, where they required new LV distribution to their new cleanroom (the UK’s largest cleanroom). The power requirement was very high and needed to be designed to be as efficient and economical as a building requiring potentially 5000 amps of power could be.

 The challenge was to supply this amount of power along with the potential to expand the electrical supply in the future possibly quite significantly.

The requirement for this amount of power and the building design/usage dictated the use of two mains transformers provided by a local power distribution company, two low voltage mains panels fitted with power factor correction, and numerous sub-panels, distribution boards, and equipment control panels installed by JD Power Systems.

The building is now fully operational, with all of its power requirements met, and with an installation designed and installed with savings in mind.

Some of the services include:

  • Cable jointing
  • Sub-main cabling
  • Switchgear
  • Sub main distribution boards
  • Busbar systems
  • Load analysis
  • Cable testing and fault finding
  • Metering
  • UPS systems
  • Cable management
  • Earthing systems

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