Fire alarm systems

At JD Power, we are able to design, supply and install a range of conventional and complex fire alarm systems, including VESDA, for both the commercial and industrial markets – all from an agricultural store to a cleanroom facility.

As well as design and installation, we carry out the complete testing, final commissioning and handover of the fire alarm system to ensure the end user is completely satisfied.

Project example

One of our food manufacturing customers saw the construction of a new 8,250m2 building dedicated to the production of their sushi food-to-go product.

As part of the new build, the electrical installation was met with an additional challenge – the fire detection system. By the nature of the production areas on site, and the differing operations taking place in them, meant that a simple conventional fire alarm system would not support the building.

The solution

The building was fitted with the most up to date addressable fire alarm system, with the inclusion of an aspirating smoke sampling system that gives earlier warnings. This was achieved through increased sensitivity, and a stable performance in adverse environments.

In addition, the building had areas that were subject to wash down hygiene procedures, which involved copious amounts of water being used on the wall areas, where fire alarm devices were located. To guard against nuisance alarms, these areas were fitted with devices carrying the highest ingress protection rating available along with protective covers.

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