Natural Solution for Energy Efficiency (Project Preview)

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This project was for a spiral sub-freeze application with modular build, housing steel structure with civil base and fully constructed bunded floor – all conforming to BS EN1090 and PED 2014/68/EU certification. The project undertaken by JD Cooling Group’s industrial team, also includes:

  • New central refrigeration plant low / high temperature.
  • Designed to be a compact dual chamber vessel.
  • Two liquid pumps based on (N+1) arrangement operating at two conditions: -40oC /-25oC (SST) Saturated Suction Temperature.
  • High temperature system open flash economiser.
  • Flooded glycol heat exchangers with efficiency in the form of close Logarithmic Temperature Difference (LMTD) and close approach temperature with additional HX surface of 20%, design to achieve a peak 1,000kW.
  • Low temperature system designed to 790kW -40oC (SST including line loss) compressor.

In conjunction with optimised capacity regulation, with dynamic suction and discharge saturated temperature control via our in-house automation team, we can improve on central refrigeration (EER) Energy Efficiency Ratio factors. Further additional performances have been implemented as a standard in the form of an inline sub-cooler.


With this system, the implementation of a heat pump solution is not viable based on an assessment of the customer’s hot water usage and the return on investment. JD were able to implement an alternate thermal exchange solution to generate +65oC hot water for the customer’s CIP cleaning and process production requirements with the correct guidance and advice.


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