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Covid-19 Statement from the JD Board of Directors (24/03/20)

JD COOLING | Covid-19

(Updated 24/03/20)


Dear All


Here at the JD Cooling Group we recognise the uncertainty and challenges ahead during these unprecedented times and wanted to clarify our position to you at the present time.


As of week commencing 2nd March, the JD group formulated our pandemic action plan in response to the imminent crisis, including risk assessing all employees on premises and off. This risk assessment process is an ongoing procedure that is constantly being updated as the World Health Organisation, UK government and Public Health England recommendations change. Whilst this process is something that we had hoped would never be required we want people to rest assured that we are taking every measure possible to ensure we can continue to provide a service to our clients in the key sectors. For up to date details on the JD Cooling Group Covid-19 response please see our website www.jdcooling.com.


We recognise as a refrigeration, heating and ventilation contractor that our business in many sectors is crucial to the supply chains of essential goods, and we have a key role to play to ensure business continuity for various sectors during this vital time. We know that our clients are likely to need our support now, more than ever. As examples, our fresh produce client base includes those providing 70% of the UK’s potatoes, a similar quantity of soft fruit, in the region of 50% of the countries green veg production. Added to this our client base also include the UK’s largest producer of convenience foods, dairies and indeed pharmaceutical, drug delivery technology companies, data centres and utilities.


We have taken the decision to prioritise our clients within the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, utilities, data centres and server room sectors until further notice. We will continue to work on projects for these sectors deemed essential for business continuity and will also continue to provide service and maintenance works as needed. Projects for these sectors are being discussed with our client base to identify essential works to allow us to limit human interactions to those projects that are necessary to maintain the critical supply chain.


The health and safety of our team is paramount and all of our staff that are able, are working remotely to continue to support our engineering team out on the road, currently this is in the region of 95%. All engineers are following the government guidelines on handwashing and social distancing at two metres.


We believe that by working with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors we can continue to provide the service so desperately needed at this time and do our bit to ensure the Nation is supported through this time.


We thank you for your continued support and we at JD Cooling Group are committed to continuing to support our clients and team through the weeks and months ahead to help the Nation get through this together.


Take Care of yourselves, we look forward to the brighter days ahead for us all.


The Group Board of Directors of JD Cooling Group

Adam, Hayley, John, Mark, Matthew, Richard, Robert and Tony