Technological innovations are employed to ensure a near 200-year old tradition is celebrated with a truly Scottish supper.

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JD Cooling Group, the UK’s leading independent supplier of bespoke cooling, industrial refrigeration, ripening, power and automation control systems, employ the latest technology in support of Scotland’s leading suppliers of haggis, neeps and tatties, the ingredients for a Burns Night celebration supper.


1,750 tonnes of haggis, 35,000,000 swedes and quality potatoes are supplied each year by JD Cooling’s partners the award-winning producer Macsween Haggis of Edinburgh, Stewarts of Tayside, UK’s largest grower of swede, and Albert Bartlett, UK’s leading supplier of potatoes. Beyond Scotland, haggis and veggie crumble are distributed by Macsween each year to countries as far as Singapore, Dubai and Canada, a country which orders over £25,000 worth of haggis in January in time for Burns Night.


JD Cooling ensures the smooth running of all three’s operations with ongoing maintenance support, “Traditional produce are high-tech businesses. Sometimes we can forget what is behind such humble ingredients. To ensure that our partners can operate as effectively as possible and the sheer volume of produce can reach our dinner tables, we invest heavily in the latest innovations. This allows us to foresee and identify any issues at a moment’s notice, at times ahead of our clients who are onsite,” explains Ross Hynd, Scottish Regional Manager.


Hynd continues, “We understand the importance of clear communication in any relationship and have invested in the latest technological developments to ensure our customers have real time information on the status of call outs and have access to all relevant paperwork as quickly as possible.”

Burns Night Feast



A Burns Night meal wouldn’t be the same without the traditional and tasty star of the show – haggis. JD Cooling’s client and award-winning producer Macsween Haggis of Edinburgh has been producing quality haggis since the 50’s and continue to do so by supplying over 1,750 tonnes of haggis a year. With January also being Veganuary – haggis is off the menu for many – however did you know that Macsween were the first to produce a vegetarian haggis back in 1984 and continue to do so? It’s also suitable for vegans – so don’t miss out and grab yours today.



Now you can’t have a Burns Night supper without good ol’ Neeps. Our customer Stewarts of Tayside is one of the largest growers for swede in the UK and supplying over 35,000,000 swedes to a number of national retailers, processors and wholesalers. They work 52 weeks of the year with entirely UK home grown swede to ensure you are supplied with good quality swede – not just for Burns Night but throughout the year. Take a look at some of their delicious swede recipes here –



You can’t serve your Haggis and Neeps without Tatties. The recent installation project at Albert Bartlett’s Airdrie site completed by JD Cooling Group was to meet the growing demand of their new chilled potato products – roast potatoes, fries and Parmenter potatoes. Although, these particular products aren’t used for Burns Night – their delicious and finest quality potatoes are. Find out how you can make the perfect Albert Bartlett Rooster Potato Mash here –