FruitAtmo® Launches in the UK

JD COOLING | General

Revolutionary new fruit storage technology FruitAtmo® is launched by JD Cooling Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of bespoke cooling, power and control systems.


Unveiled at the National Fruit Show 2019, 23rd – 24th October, FruitAtmo is the new Interactive Controlled Atmosphere Storage Technology and the only system able to control the optimum oxygen set points according only to CO2 respiration.


Ideal for apples, the new technology revolutionises the storage process for better quality and more natural tasting end-product. FruitAtmo® improves the quality of flesh firmness, acidity and aroma compounds of fruit and makes it less sensitive to bruising and physiological diseases like flesh breakdown, superficial scald and skin spots. The process reduces fruit respiration and ethylene production for a much better shelf-life after storage too.


Furthermore, FruitAtmo® does not require any additional equipment to be integrated into a commercial CA-room and will automatically adjust and set oxygen levels without the need for human interaction. Both contributing to significant cost reductions.

John Dye, Group Chairman of JD Cooling Group, comments, “FruitAtmo® is another step change in fruit production. Something we’re really excited to introduce to UK fruit growers and follows our exclusive partnership with Softripe® announced earlier in the year. These two innovations combined with our extensive experience and expertise in delivering state-of-the-art cooling systems along with heat recovery technology, places us at the forefront of the sector.


Backed by our nationwide service network of over 70 mobile engineers and with six offices across the country, JD Cooling is perfectly placed to work with fruit growers to evolve the face of UK fruit production well into the future.”


Both FruitAtmo® and Softripe® are available exclusively  in the UK through JD Cooling who are taking enquires for the system now. Please visit our contact page here.