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A new technology that ripens fruit as if it’s still on the plant

JD COOLING | Softripe

JD Cooling Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of bespoke cooling, power and control systems, has become the exclusive UK distributor of Softripe®, the award-winning ripening system.

The new technology revolutionises the ripening process for better quality and more natural tasting end-product. Softripe® will ensure that produce like bananas, avocados and mangoes are ripened to an end quality and taste that will enhance the consumer experience, ultimately increasing demand. Softripe “talks” to the fruit as if it is still on the tree. This stress-free process enhances quality and flavour and extends the shelf life of the produce. An additional feature of Softripe® is the ability for the manager to ‘suspend’ ripened fruit in prime condition, allowing fluctuating order trends to be met with minimal wastage.

The revolutionary process of adapting each ripening cycle to match the exact demands of the fruit, delivers added benefits such as reduced ripening periods of up to 50%, increasing output and delivering significant energy cost savings.

John Dye, Managing Director, comments, “This new deal with Softripe® is a really exciting time for JD Cooling and UK fruit importers. At a time when every ripening facility faces the challenges of labour and skills shortages, squeezed margins and pressure to reduce food waste, this system delivers multiple benefits across all of these areas. Combined with our extensive experience and expertise in delivering state-of-the-art cooling systems along with heat recovery technology, backed up by our nationwide service network of over 70 mobile engineers, JD Cooling and Softripe® look forward to changing the face of UK ripening as we move into the next decade and beyond.”

Softripe ripening technology received the silver award for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019 and is available exclusively in the UK through JD Cooling who are taking enquiries for the system now. The Group has five regional offices throughout the UK and offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions for bespoke ripening rooms.