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JD Cooling Group Announces 2021 Charity Partners with £10,000 Christmas Donation

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JD Cooling Group launches relationships with its three nominated 2021 charity partners. Chosen by employees of the business, Glasgow-based Catherine McEwan Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and the One-to-One Project in King’s Lynn will be the beneficiaries of this special Christmas treat, with the £10,000 divided evenly.


With bases in Fife, headquarters in King’s Lynn, and offices across the UK, JD Cooling Group will support each organisation throughout 2021 with a year-long calendar of fundraising activities.


Now in its second year, this annual CSR programme selects and gives thanks to charities that have provided personal support to JD Cooling employees and/or their family and friends.


Julie Stokes, Business Development Manager (Scotland), nominated the Catherine McEwan Foundation as they continue to help her daughter, Georgia Stokes (12), as part of her treatment at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, where the Foundation works closely with the Paediatric Gastro Team. The Catherine McEwan Foundation exists to ensure that people in Scotland and beyond suffering from Crohn’s, Colitis or other inflammatory bowel disease has access to the best healthcare.


Georgia Stokes at the Transport Museum Glasgow

Georgia Stokes at the Transport Museum Glasgow for the Royal Hospital for Children Charity Bucket Trail design competition, where her Oor Wullie statue entry was displayed.


Derek McEwan, Chief Executive of the Catherine McEwan Foundation said, “I’ve been lucky enough to meet Georgia Stokes and it means the world to us that the family thought of the Catherine McEwan Foundation when mum Julie’s employers were looking to choose the charities to support. We are delighted the Stokes family feel we have been a support to them and are here to help in any way we can in future.


We are absolutely blown away by this incredible gesture from JD Cooling Group, especially in this difficult year. With this donation, JD Cooling Group have really helped us end 2020 with a smile – thank you so much.”


Like many other organisations, the Foundation has had to adapt during the pandemic, especially with many patients like Georgia Stokes having to shield. This calls for necessary investment at a time when an important source of income, conventional fundraising events, have been cancelled due to restrictions because of Covid-19.


JDRF is a national charity that funds Type 1 diabetes research with the aim of one day eradicating the disease; One to One Project was established to provide professional support to adults in West Norfolk experiencing emotional and/or social distress and mental health difficulties.


Debbie Regan, Project Manager, One to One Project: “We have seen an increase in referrals since the first lockdown and have been working tirelessly to ensure the smooth conversion and continuity of our service. As a charity, we rely on public support and this very kind donation from JD Cooling Group will allow us to continue to provide help for an increasing number of adults in West Norfolk. The pandemic has caused anxiety and uncertainty and we are proud to be able to provide as much support as we can during these challenging times.”


John Dye, Group Chairman of JD Cooling, adds, “We’re fortunate in that our business has been more resilient than most in a really tough year, but we know many others have been hard hit. So, we felt it only appropriate to give thanks to those that have continued to work tirelessly with a £10,000 donation to three fantastic charities who have supported some of our employees personally. We applaud the work of these organisations and will continue our support with raising funds and awareness for these charity partners throughout 2021.”


In the first year of this CSR partnership programme, from April 2019 – April 2020, JD Cooling raised a total of £3,970.11, more than doubling the original target of £1,500, for West Norfolk Self Advocacy Project (SAP), Little Discoverers West Norfolk School for Parents (WNSfP), and Neuroblastoma UK.


West Norfolk Self Advocacy Project receiving their charity donation.


David Richards from West Norfolk Self Advocacy Project commented on the donation, “We are very grateful to receive a donation from JD Cooling. This donation will make a significant difference to our work, which is all done by volunteers. The weekly sessions will remain closed for the foreseeable future but the work of one to one visits, providing support and advice on health, housing, debt and money management will continue. Of particular effort is the unique SAP programme of training members to attain the skills for realistic decision making.


We can also now look to buying a new telephone which will be internet ready, to be able to increase the amount of one-to-one work done by our lead volunteer and to continue the monthly get together s out in the parks and countryside around west Norfolk. This ensures that members make contact with each other and with the SAP volunteers whilst ensuring everyone talks about and practices healthy socialisation.


SAP has enjoyed the support of JD Cooling, an international refrigeration company based in Kings Lynn. Members of their staff volunteer their personal time and efforts to support SAP and individual members. Sap has had the great pleasure of being invited to attend JD Cooling events were we were asked to speak about our work and we received much enthusiastic support and comments from the company, especially from Sam and JD themselves. Whilst money is important the enthusiastic vocal support has meant a lot to all of us at SAP and has been a real emotional boost and validation of our working methods.


In March 2020 the group leaders made the decision to close the group sessions due to the Corvid 19 pandemic and on the advice issued by Public Health England. This decision caused the loss of approximately £1000 revenue.


For many years now SAP has depended on donations and self generated finance raising schemes primary through members each paying £5 per week for each session. Member financed sessions raise approximately £1,900 per annum. The actual annual amount fluctuated through members missing sessions, sessions being cancelled due to illness or to exceptionally bad weather. These session charges have remained the same for the last five years. Concurrently all costs have risen particularly the costs of postage, stationery, telephone and petrol over the same period.


Once again we all wish to say a huge thank you for the financial support we have received from JD Cooling and the very welcome and appreciated personal contact from this pioneering company.”


The 2021 programme will run from January – December with updates on fundraising activities and opportunities to support announced on JD Cooling’s news page.