Vibration analysis

A vibration analysis of your refrigeration system will measure the intensity, amplitude and frequency of vibration caused by the rotating equipment.

It monitors the compressor or motors on your equipment, the functions which are prone to wear and tear.

The information we glean from an analysis can be used in different ways depending on your requirements. Ultimately, by having a vibration analysis, this will help to save both time and money.

How it works

Vibration analysis will predict failures and form part of a predictive maintenance program. Although there is a cost attached to this type of analysis, it will provide you with the best solution, especially when down time is very costly and failures are catastrophic to production.

How and when vibration analysis works best

Once or twice yearly, a vibration analysis will provide you with a snap shot of your equipment condition year on year. It gives you an earlier warning of potential failures and may result in the decision to maintain items before the manufacturers recommended intervals.

It also allows planning of maintenance without the risk of failure, which may cause further damage to the machine, increasing the cost of additional repairs.

We always recommend starting vibration analysis as early as possible. This will give you a base line for the equipment and a means of measuring deterioration. The sooner you start, the better.

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