Leak testing

From 1st January 2015, the F-Gas regulations have changed to an equivalence to CO rate rather than the previous total system quantity. This change to the proposals effectively penalises systems using HFC’s with higher global warming potentials. The revised F-Gas Regulation is called (EC) 517/2014. A guidance to some of the most important changes are listed below.

The current regulations for leak checking of systems is as follows:

  • Systems with greater than 5 tonnes (equivalent) CO2 but less than 50 tonnes – once per year
  • Systems with greater than 50 tonnes (equivalent) CO2 but less than 500 tonnes – every 6 months
  • Systems with greater than 500 tonnes (equivalent) CO2– every 3 months but must have a fixed leak detection system

Any system with a fixed leak detection system halves the number of leak checks required.

Gas detection

Ammonia detection and ventilation system 

To meet the requirements of the current refrigeration safety standard EN 378-3:2016 we have included for the installation of a NH3 gas detection system in order to shut the plant down in event of a significant refrigerant leak and ensure adequate ventilation of the plant room area.

JDI Recommended Alarm settings

Pre-alarm (SCADA optional) – 250ppm

Low level alarm – 500ppm

High level alarm – 4500ppm


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