Laser alignment

We’re here to signpost you on the most efficient and safest way to operate. One thing we always recommend is installing laser alignment. Misaligned shafts are recognised as one of the biggest contributors to plant breakdowns.

For example, when direct drive refrigeration compressors coupled to drive motors are incorrectly aligned, this can result in failure of both the drive motors and compressors. This misalignment causes malfunction of the shaft seal, which would mean the release of refrigerant and oil.

Furthermore, if your plant contains a source of ammonia and your laser is misaligned, this could result in the loss of cooling and require evacuation of your plant rooms, impacting the controlled temperature and your production facilities.

In addition to coupling or shaft failure, poor alignment can also lead to increased friction to equipment, increasing KWHr consumption, vibration and noise as well as drive motor and compressor bearing failure.

We therefore always advise our customers to include laser alignment, as standard. It’s a faster and more accurate approach and is available to customers either within the scope of a maintenance agreement or via a one-off visit to resolve ongoing issues.

In fact, the accurate application of laser alignment can lead to significant cost savings, improved reliability of equipment and the prevention of major failures to plant and machinery through regular alignment checks.

Laser alignment can be implemented by using a number of methods:

  • Straight edge
  • Dial indicators (Clock Gauges)
  • Laser


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