Energy efficiency

Efficiency at the core of our business

Efficiency is key to the services JD Industrial provide. As well as responsive and efficient installation and support, a key area of our expertise is the ability to design and install integrated heat recovery and cooling systems for major industrial usage, which can save the client 40% of their energy costs.

We have the in-house ability to install natural refrigerant solutions such as ammonia and CO2, working in conjunction with the continuous development of our secondary cooling systems.

Our priority is to ensure our customers receive the correct advice and principle designs to suit their process cooling or heating demands.

We also aim to meet the lowest CO2 emissions by achieving the highest performing system EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) factors in conjunction with:

  • Ammonia absorption systems
  • Low or high-grade heat recovery – either open or closed heat pumps achieving high Coefficient of Performance (CoP), saving 40% in operational costs in conjunction with 81% CO2 reduction

JD Industrial Standard Energy-Saving Design

To help achieve the maximum energy efficient design, JD Industrial offer the following as ‘standard’ on all installation and service contracts:

  • Design of compressors and other components to allow operation at low condensing conditions and therefore, lower energy consumption
  • Energy efficient series piston compressors – inverter driven
  • Overall mechanical and electrical efficient design
  • Float suction pressure control
  • Inverter drive condenser fan
  • Floating discharge control
  • Future heat pump connection on all systems
  • Hybrid fluid condenser and condensers
  • Close approach temperature on all heat exchange surfaces


Additional Energy-Saving Options

A number of additional energy-saving measures can also be employed in the design of any system(s) to conclude the optimum efficiency at all heat load and ambient conditions, these include:

Intelligent control of the evaporative condenser operation utilising the specific control system resulting in optimum conditions being maintained throughout the year for all system heat loads and ambient scenarios, in conjunction with inverter drive control

30% Saving on inductive load

Inverter speed control on screws/piston series compressor 25% Saving at part load (typical of chill application)

25% Saving at part load (typical of chill application)

Inverter speed control on condenser fan

Around 20% saving

Electronic expansion liquid feed valves

Around 5% saving

“E”lectronic “C”ommunication fans for coolers

50% absorbed fan power load saving

Evaporator fan cycling during duty satisfied

20% fan load reduction

Defrost on demand management

20% Saving on inductive load

Floating suction pressure

Floating suction pressure Typically, around 30% operational cost saving

Installation of subcooled to liquid line of the receiver or condenser

Increase performance by 5%

Either closed or open flash economisation

9% increase in performance

Installation of heat pump package

40% operational savings & 81% CO2 reduction, for water heating from 25oC to 80oC or space heating

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