Compressor overhaul

A compressor overhaul usually involves an inspection and replacement of worn parts within your refrigeration compressor. We’ll assess items such as: pistons, piston liners, con rods and bearings. Any part where friction is applied during the continued operation of the compressor.

Maintenance of the compressor is essential to the operation and longevity of any refrigeration equipment, it’s the heart of the system. A poorly maintained compressor will not produce the correct performance and will cost more in energy to run, driving up the costs of operation.

If it’s not maintained, the potential of serious failure increases and the cost of repairs also.

Why is a compressor overhaul important?

If you consider your average family car. How often will it receive a service? Every 12,000 miles perhaps. If the car is usually driven at a city speed of 30mph, this would rack up 400 hours of operation. Whereas, a refrigeration compressor that operates all year, would run for a staggering 8,760 hours! It’s doing exactly the same compression cycles as a car.

Keeping a close eye on your refrigeration compressor will of course ensure the smooth running of your equipment.

It’s always important to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations and currently manufacturers are extending the servicing intervals with the improvement in technology.


Technical support

We can provide genuine parts from all manufacturers and can offer an in-house overhaul service by our highly skilled engineers, who have extensive knowledge of all the leading compressor manufacturers and years of experience of compressor overhauls.

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