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Retrofit refrigeration & heating

Since the turn of the century, the JD Cooling Group has developed our expertise in the application of secondary cooling systems using Foodsafe Glycol and natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744), Ammonia (R717) and Propane, within large centralised cooling systems.

With many companies throughout the UK using refrigerant technologies that are being phased out by 2030, namely Fluorinated Gases (F-Gases) / Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), JD Industrial are able to provide the correct advice on what systems you should be installing for the future.

Using natural refrigerants, we can provide a bespoke solution to update your existing plant with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations – whether it be a complete gas retrofit to move to a more cost and energy efficient system free from HFCs, or to modernise your existing plant – we can advise you of the best solution and implementation.

Our energy-efficient systems will be less affected by the phase-out of high GWP refrigerants and can be totally ‘future-proofed’ against any impending changes in legislation, and potential risk to the environment through costly refrigerant leakage.

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