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With decades of experience in industrial refrigeration, we fully understand the best refrigeration solutions for your business. Over the years we’ve been commissioned for a broad spectrum of projects. Our clients range from start-up producers right through to global manufacturers with multiple, large-scale premises.

We are well versed in commissioning an extensive range of industrial refrigeration requirements and our talented engineers have all received comprehensive training in handling refrigerant and site safety.

Pressure Testing

We will always pressure test our system pipework to safe working practices prior to commissioning. Ammonia systems are tested with nitrogen at a pressure consistent with the standard and your system will then be evacuated before charging with refrigerant.

All our hydraulic systems are tested to Sound Engineering Practice (SEP).


Work Tests

We run-test all newly installed compressors, although this does not constitute a full performance test. Electrical systems are always checked in accordance with BS 6233 and BS 7671 after units are constructed and leak testing is carried out prior to painting.

We always welcome our customers to observe these work tests, simply contact a member of the team to discuss how we approach this.


Non-Destructive Testing of Welds

As part of our service to you, we include radiographic or ultrasonic testing of primary refrigeration pipework welding in accordance with the relevant NDT testing standards.

NDT Testing standards (welding) : ISO17640 (UT), EN1435 (RT), ISO17638 (MPI)

NDT Testing standards (brazing) : EN12799


A training program during the commissioning period will be provided to the nominated members of your team involved with the operation and day-to-day maintenance of the plant.

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