The Future of Refrigeration

JD COOLING | Projects

The below images demonstrate how JD Industrial has brought a well-known food manufacturer’s entire refrigeration plant into the 21st century by installing multi megawatt central refrigeration and assisting them with their target of becoming 100% ‘HFC Free’. This is all complimented with a stable refrigeration and heating solution for the future of the factory.


Highlights include:

  • Natural refrigeration
  • Highly thermodynamic – high heat transfer rate refrigerant medium (ammonia) – promoting high Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Quality design – guaranteed 30+ years system lifespan
  • Efficiency – centralised system using ammonia as the refrigerant medium – the most energy efficient and carbon reducing refrigerant
  • The client’s site has now eradicated 50% of HFCs from their entire plant. The second phase to bring this up to 100% by removing all existing HFCs from the site will happen in Phase 2
  • The client’s performance figures have improved by 38%
  • Significant CO2 kg reduction
  • A number of heat recovery options inclusive of hot water generation up to +80OC – capable of 1.7MWh minimum


Watch out for the full case study in the coming days