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Customer Feedback – Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Device Research Company

JD COOLING | Projects

We are always delighted when we receive great feedback from our customers for the great service our team has provided. This testimonial is from our customer that is a pharmaceutical diagnostic device research company.


“Pete and Lewis finished yesterday and as you mentioned in your last email, they handed over the project to us. I must admit that we are very happy with the final outcome. Your guys have done a great job so thank you very much for your efforts and your work during those three last weeks.

Yesterday afternoon before the handover we were concerned because the temperature and humidity measurements in Lab 3 were tested when the freeze dryer machine was not running. However, tonight the freeze dryer has been switched on and after 12 hours running, the temperature of the room has been maintained to 21oC and RH% of 26%. We are happy with those readings so it will not be necessary to repeat the measurements in Lab 3.”