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JD Cooling Group is a key part of the supply chain to many of the critical industries that are so desperately needed at this time; the food sector, that needs us to ensure their equipment is working to enable them to continue putting food on the shelves in the supermarkets. The data centres and server room companies that play a crucial role in allowing businesses to continue functioning, now that staff are being forced to work remotely, the Pharmaceutical industry that are needed more than ever before to try and bring an end to this problem and the utilities companies keeping essential power and water.


Read on for our latest news, as well as services related to supporting key industries.

Covid-19 news

How to reduce the threat of Covid to business continuity this winter

Top TipsCovid-19

We’ve come up with the following tips and advice to help employers protect, reassure and ultimately keep their workforces as safe as possible as the weather turns colder.

The Importance of Ventilation in the Post-Pandemic Workplace


A call to action for the change in regulation needed to ensure adequate ventilation within workplace & public indoor environments during Covid-19.

Response to the Covid-19 Epidemic/Pandemic (Updated: 26/07/21)


Steps have been put in place to minimise the impact on JD Cooling Group employees, customers, services provided and indeed members of the public.

Covid-19 Statement from the JD Board of Directors (Updated: 05/01/21)


We will prioritise work for key sectors and at present time will continue to support all sectors other than those required to close by law.