Covid-19 – Advice for Cleanroom Operators & Managers

JD COOLING | Covid-19

Based on current knowledge, the virus is not airborne, but appears to spread via droplets and direct contact with contaminated surfaces and objects.


Although your facility contains high efficiency particulate air filtration and is ISO validated, it is not risk free.


There are a few minor changes and monitoring activities you can consider to reduce the risk in addition to the governments guidelines:

  1. Take additional care with gowning procedures, refresh your workforce with a toolbox talk and the importance of the procedure in your facility.
  2. Consider additional measures, for example: add in hand washing procedures before entering the facility, conduct an interim risk assessment of your procedures accounting for not only the workforce in the facility but also the mechanisms of materials into and products out of the facility.
  3. Consider Increasing your room hygiene regime, taking extra care with surfaces and areas with both product and human interaction.
  4. Check your facility HVAC systems operation:

A: Humidity has long been proven to be a key factor in reducing the life span of a virus.

B: Room pressures: are your cascades in specification?

C: Filtration: When where your HEPA filters last tested?