Cottage Farms Invests in New Chill Store

JD COOLING | General

What a great write-up in The South East Farmer’s June Edition about Cottage Farm’s new top fruit packhouse, where JD Cooling has provided the Kent-based fruit packer with an innovative refrigeration system for their new cold store.


Serving over 50 fruit growers to send 180 million apples and pears a year to supermarkets nationwide, Cottage Farms understands the importance of maintaining the quality and storage of fruit.


Their new purpose-built refrigeration system is designed to maintain the store temperature and provide good ventilation to ensure all products are adequately cooled. The chilled water system utilises an air-cooled liquid chiller operating with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) HFC refrigerant to provide a long-term solution with improved energy efficiency. The use of a secondary or chilled water circuit reduces the quantity of refrigerant covered by F-Gas legislation compared to a typical direct expansion system.


To suit its external position, JD Cooling’s solution is complete with weatherproof housing, aluminium clad pipework, anti-vibration mounts and cooler control panel to house the digital thermostat, and evaporator and defrost controls.


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