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Facilities support services

Our Facilities Support division, headed up by James Tumber, has over 30 years in the industry, providing a range of building services for a number of well-known growers, producers and distributors throughout the UK. With a well-established and experienced team of engineers, we can provide all your industrial high-speed, sectional and roller shutter doors and safety barriers, in addition to full cleaning schedules for your cooling system and bespoke controls – designed in-house – offering you a one-stop solution.


High-speed doors

We have access to a range of high-speed doors to suit your requirements. Installed both internally and externally, our robust and quality high-speed doors are predominantly used between areas within food production areas, clean rooms, pharmaceutical/laboratories and chemical facilities.

Some high-speed doors can sustain below freezing temperature usage (down to -25oC) making them a good option when considering doors for climatic areas where cooling loss can be an issue.


Sectional doors

More secure than a high-speed door, sectional doors are ideal for loading bays within production areas – both internally and externally. With a high insulation factor and low air leakage values, sectional doors can also be used within fruit ripening rooms. Having installed a number of sectional doors in the past, we can help you select the right specification.


Roller-shutter doors

With so many different styles, roller shutter doors are perfect for high usage areas both internally and externally for securing most openings. One type of roller-shutter door is the insulated spiral shutter, which can withhold temperatures from -25oC to +5oC, making them perfect for freezers and cold rooms. With so many options, we can help you choose the right one.


Safety barriers

Safety is the main priority within high traffic industrial areas. At JD Cooling, we can supply and fit all types of safety barriers to suit your needs. These include:

  • Pedestrian rails/barriers/segregation
  • Forklift barriers/guards
  • Door protection barriers
  • Wall/edge protection (better solution than concrete barriers, which are likely to crack)


Hygiene cleaning schedules

Routine hygiene cleaning schedules are essential – carried out regularly, will help reduce energy costs and improve system efficiency. Some of areas we can provide a bespoke cleaning service to are:

Hygiene cleaning for these types of systems require specialist personnel and equipment to ensure chemicals and gas are handled in the safest possible way, without causing harm and disruption. That’s why our specialist service division can help – we have the in-house capability and expertise to provide you with a bespoke cleaning schedule, performed by own qualified personnel.


Control systems

With an in-house software design team, we are able to build you a control system that is bespoke to your site and product, whether it is for a ripening room or a controlled atmosphere store.

Some of control systems we can design and build include:

  • Integrated energy monitoring and management
  • Integrated lighting and access control
  • Remote monitoring with alarms

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