Softripe® For Bananas

Natural and sweeter tasting fruit, and a more energy-efficient ripening process

There are essential advantages to ripening bananas with Softripe®. Suppliers and traders will see large reductions in energy usage and ripening times, to three to four days compared to seven with conventional systems. Taste and aroma are both improved, and the bananas’ natural energy content is protected. Overall producing a more natural, fragrant, and tastier banana to the benefit of retailers and consumers.


How does the Softripe® process differ from conventional ripening systems?

Softripe® is a completely new technology. It is unique in that it uses controlled atmosphere conditions to deliver the process of ripening fruit without stress, monitoring the respiration of the fruit and applying the exact, controlled atmosphere that the fruit requires to ripen to its optimum condition.

This provides distinct advantages over conventional ripening, including:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Shorter ripening cycles
  • Increased yields
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Better quality, taste, and texture of fruit

With traditional ripening methods, bananas are placed in a room where they are exposed to around 1000 ppm ethylene. With such a heavy dose, the bananas are stressed and lose some of their natural taste. With Softripe®, the bananas, a fruit that naturally produces ethylene, are only exposed to a maximum of 150 ppm ethylene which simply meets their biological needs and allows for a more natural reaction during the ripening process.

The greatly reduced stress the bananas come under means that more of the natural energy of the fruit is preserved, resulting in enhanced taste and flavour, as well as significantly improved shelf-life.


At the end of the ripening cycle, should the orders for the fruit have changed and fruit is not able to be despatched at the planned time, Softripe® can be programmed to go into a low oxygen storage mode which allows for the ripening manager to hold the fruit for up to 7 days without loss of any retail end shelf life. Compared to traditional systems, commercial operation of Softripe® systems for bananas has shown that ripening cycles can be reduced by almost 50%, shelf life can be extended by up to 5 days and flavour along with eating quality is enhanced.


JD Cooling Group is the exclusive UK supplier of Softripe® and offer a full turnkey solution. For more information and to enquire about upgrading to Softripe®, please call us on 01553 767 446 or email

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