How does Softripe® work

The unique combination of processes within the Softripe® system allow it to “listen” to the fruit through the respiration gases and to plan a ripening cycle that will control the atmosphere within the gas tight chamber, such that it will be ripened as close to possible as if it had done so on the tree itself.

Softripe® technology works because of:

  • The lack of stress caused to the fruit
  • The use of lower temperatures
  • The finite control of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene levels
  • The relative humidity levels being far higher
  • The total room environment controlled according to the exact needs of the fruit at any single point within the cycle itself

Softripe® is the only system in the world able to control ethylene, CO2, and oxygen levels by communicating directly with the fruit.


The lack of stress to the fruit, lower temperatures used along with finite control of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene levels, plus controlled relative humidity levels being far higher and temperatures being controlled according to the exact needs of the fruit at any single point within the cycle itself, all combine to deliver a quality of ripened fruit that will change the landscape of the “ripe and ready” market forever.


Softripe® will take a few hours while it circulates the sealed chamber respiration gases before it will provide an exact time that all the fruit will be ready for packing. This ripening cycle will be on average 40% shorter than conventional ripening times and at the end, the fruit is already at the optimum packing temperature.


There is absolutely no physical human intervention with the fruit inside the chamber during the ripening cycle. Once the door is sealed, that is it, the next time an operative will need to enter the store will be to unload it and either take it to chilled storage or straight to the packhouse.


Softripe® is so advanced that in the case of avocados, there is no need to grade the fruit after the ripening process. In addition, destructive testing and other losses that come with the current operation for packing avocados are absolutely minimised so that, together with the overall higher yields, the process of delivering avocados to the retailer is dramatically streamlined.


What’s more, should the orders for the fruit have changed and fruit is not able to be despatched as planned at the end of the ripening cycle, Softripe® can be programmed to go into a low oxygen storage mode which allows for the fruit to be held for up to 7 days without loss of any retail end shelf life.


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