Environmental benefits of Softripe®


Growing and transporting produce from the Southern hemisphere requires huge levels of natural and logistical resources.


What makes Softripe® more environmentally friendly?

When compared to conventional ripening systems, Softripe® uses considerably less energy and has a shortened ripening cycle resulting in almost twice as much fruit being ripened at the same time as before. Reducing both environmental impact and costs to fruit producers and distributors.


Furthermore, current ripening processes lead to high wastage, relatively low yield, and short shelf life. By ripening fruit in optimum conditions and as if they were still on the tree, the reduced stress produces a good yield with little damage and wasted fruit. When compared to conventional systems, Softripe® reduces destructive testing by over 75%, completely removes the grading process that traditional ripening techniques require to reach acceptable levels of uniformity and extends shelf life by around 50%. Further reducing waste from retailers and consumers given the extra time to enjoy their fruit.


All these factors save the valuable natural resources that are required to produce the fruit as well as limiting the indirect resources required to deliver this fruit to the consumer.

Key highlights:

  • 40% less energy usage
  • Removal of secondary handling
  • Reduced wastage and shortened ripening cycles for greater yields
  • A new level of fruit-quality and shelf life
  • An attractive payback on total investment through reduced operational costs

Interested in a system that is both better for the environment and your bottom line?

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