Breakdowns and repairs

Our promise of quality does not end with the installation of your system. For every one we install we offer you the peace of mind of an extended guarantee with on hand help and support when you need it.

We have an extensive network of skilled engineers covering the whole of the UK, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year; providing you with the reassurance that help is quickly available should a breakdown arise.

As an optional service package, we offer a bespoke Planned Maintenance Scheme to include regular and rigorous checks of your refrigeration equipment. This can save on running costs and further increase the reliability of any system.

At JD Cooling, we pride ourselves on our constant quest for quality.

Enhanced Communication

We have recognised the importance of utilising the latest developments in technology to ensure our customers continue to have high standards of service and provide real time information.

By incorporating this new technology into our normal working procedures, has not only reduced the time between information being recorded and reacted to, but also the instant sending of the service sheet through to our technical department has removed the need for a return visit, by providing real time technical backup for our remote engineers.

Within two minutes of a service call being taken our engineers are automatically updated to direct the engineer to the priority call, complete with all the details of the call.  All the information for the call is stored on their smartphones, meaning that all the details of the call are on hand rather than relying on the individual’s memory of a phone call.

Once the work is complete, the engineer will complete the electronic service sheet, which is digitally transmitted immediately back to the office, updating the details of the job automatically and raising requests for parts or further information before the engineer leaves site.  Within minimal time of the works being carried out, the completed job sheet can be in your inbox with all the details of what was found and additional works that may be required.


The benefits

  • To provide the service department with information regarding van locations, as this will assist with allocating the nearest engineer to the service call.
  • Provide instant tracking of parts used and required, with automatic re-orders of van stock via our computer system.
  • Onsite identification of parts can be sent through such as photographs, to assist our technical department to identify unusual parts for quick analysis.

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