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Ripening rooms

Every type of fruit will have specific requirements for ripening, and beyond that, individual pallets will require more or less heat, more or less ethylene, and more or less time to trigger the ripening process. With so many variables, ripening tropical fruit to the point where it can be sold to consumers is one of the most challenging aspects for importers bringing produce into the UK.

JD Cooling design, supply and install bespoke ripening rooms for bananas, avocados and other stone and tropical fruit. The system has been specifically developed to provide optimum ripening conditions whilst being highly energy efficient and exceptionally operator-friendly.

Our design utilises renewable heat sources and heat recovered from other cooling processes on site to create the perfect conditions for the fruit. JD Cooling’s unique system allows precise control and monitoring of air flow, temperature, humidity and most importantly, the level of carbon dioxide and ethylene within the room.

The rooms can even be monitored remotely via our easy to use online system, while the design allows for safe and easy maintenance access, minimising ongoing expenses and preventing costly downtime.

Years of expertise go into every project, and the result is a ripening system which is as hygienic as it is practical and efficient. At the same time as improving product appearance without dehydration, our fruit ripening system enhances the colour, taste and quality of your product. The full process is carried out in house by the JD Cooling team from concept to installation, commissioning to ongoing service and maintenance.

Ongoing research and development synergies with major suppliers is the key to the continued and enviable success of the JD Cooling Ripening System which continues to evolve and lead the way in reducing energy consumption and protecting company profits.

Our Ripening Systems are…

  • Available in single and double tier configurations
  • Highly energy efficient ripening systems
  • Exceptionally user-friendly systems, allowing for faster loading and unloading
  • Totally flexible modular designs, custom built to suit your specific ripening requirements
  • Safer systems, helping to protect your personnel from the dangers of CO2 exposure
  • By far the easiest systems to access and maintain ensuring lower labour, electrical, maintenance & cleaning costs

System features and options include random access which allows operators to ripen and chill individual pallets to suit their own requirements. Individual access to each pallet can be achieved via forklift truck.


Ripening Control System

The Ripening Control System (RCS) is a state-of-the-art control system developed in house and is exclusive to each client. Working with end users, the control system has been designed to ensure secure access to a range of functions, all of which can be accessed via an HMI touch screen. The display at low level provides a tidy hygienic user-friendly Ripening Control System that has additional network and remote internet access functions which is available to on-site staff with secure access.

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy loading
  • Variable air flow via EC fans
  • Part loading
  • CO2 control

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