Ventilation vs Air Conditioning

A mechanical ventilation system provides a two-way flow of air. It expels air from an indoor environment – the air we breathe in and out as well as stale or contaminated air – and sends fresh air from outdoors, back into the indoor environment.

An air conditioning system is an energy efficient way to cool down an environment and, if the system also has a heat pump, it will heat the air flow, providing warmth in colder climates. Temperature control is often essential for work environments without windows or lots of electrical equipment such as computer, printers and servers.

An air conditioning system without a ventilation system circulates the same air, cooling it to a different temperature or raising the temperature of the room.

When combined with a ventilation system, AC works two-fold: It allows an environment to control its temperature, while providing ventilation at the same time – expelling air from indoors to outdoors, and then circulating fresh air from outside into the indoor environment.

An air conditioning system usually costs more than a ventilation system. Although it is possible to have a ventilation system without air conditioning , many people prefer a system combining both so they have the choice of both temperature control and ventilation together.

Do you need air conditioning and a ventilation system?

It is possible to have a mechanical ventilation system installed as a stand-alone piece of equipment but most environments also require the option of climate control through the installation of air conditioning. You can install mechanical ventilation to a new or an existing air conditioning system – the two work well as a team – providing temperature control and fresh air flow.

How can I improve ventilation indoors?

If you don’t have a mechanical ventilation system, opening windows can help the air flow in your workplace. If you have windows on either side of the room, this will allow an even better air to flow and provide a more effective circulation of air.

However, opening windows might not be an option for certain infrastructures or during the winter. In addition, on warm days there can be humid air and a lack of breeze, hampering adequate ventilation. Therefore, some environments require a little help.

That’s where a mechanical ventilation system can be highly beneficial because it removes old air and brings in fresh air from outdoors.  Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading germs, stale air and instead, improve the air quality to protect your team.

Plus, during the winter, having a ventilation system with a heating function will provide warmth using fresh air from outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds – fresh air ventilation and cosy temperatures indoors.

We can install a ventilation system into almost any indoor environment.
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