CO₂ Monitors – A Low Cost Solution To Risk Management

While current government guidance is for people to work from home if they can, businesses across the country are already hoping for a quick return to the workplace.

But how do you ensure the safety of your staff in the face of rising cases of Covid without spending more than you need to on ventilation equipment?

More people in the office will mean more carbon dioxide (CO2), and while levels of CO2 aren’t a direct measure of exposure to Covid-19, the HSE notes that it could mean better ventilation is needed to keep people safe.

That’s where our new CO2 monitor fitting service comes in. Operating on a simple traffic light warning system, we’ll give you guidance on how many you need, how to use them, where to put them, and what to do if levels are too high in a particular area.

This is the perfect low-cost solution for business owners who don’t necessarily have the time or expertise but want to do the right thing by their employees.

What you get from us:

  • We come out and do a survey of your current set up to see how well ventilated the area is at present
  • We then will provide you with a quote and an idea of what is necessary to improve the ventilation of your space
  • We will provide templates for you to record CO2 levels enabling you to consistently monitor levels

What are the benefits:

  • Having a fixed monitor over a portable one means you get a consistent reading of the same area, meaning your data is more accurate
  • They are not battery operated, meaning they are always on and taking consistent readings
  • They may highlight what other solutions you may benefit from investing in
  • They give you peace of mind that that you are investing in a trustworthy solution

HSE guidance can be found here:

Ventilation Survey

In May 2021, we commissioned an independent survey with Opinium Research using a sample of 1,000 UK employees working from home during the pandemic. The survey concluded that seven out of ten people are worried about going back to their workplace after restrictions are lifted and two-thirds of employees (68 per cent) cited contracting Covid-19 at their place of work as their biggest concern. The survey found that despite the extensive vaccine roll out, many people remain cautious about the prospect of a return to the office.

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