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Covid-19 and Ventilation

We need fresh air to breathe, it’s a fact of life. If there isn’t enough oxygenated air within an indoor environment, humans just don’t function as well. That’s why good air flow is vital.

Good ventilation can also help a work place rid itself of moisture, chemicals, excess carbon dioxide and other indoor pollutants.

However, not every working environment has windows and even those that do will be reliant on the breeze, humidity levels, and the mild climates that permit open windows. Sometimes a mechanical ventilation system is essential.

Good ventilation can improve wellbeing and allow for a healthier environment, increasing comfort levels, clarity, concentration, and of course, productivity.

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Return To Work Survey

We commissioned an independent survey of 1,000 home-based workers which revealed that seven in ten UK workers who are working from home due to coronavirus are concerned about returning to their workplace. Find out more by clicking through to the results below.


How mechanical ventilation works

A mechanical ventilation system improves the indoor air we breathe by removing stale or contaminated air and sending in fresh air from outside. Providing better air circulation, ventilation and air flow. It’s a clever piece of kit that can increase comfort levels, minimise the spread of germs and boost wellbeing in other ways.

Building regulations state that there must be between eight to ten litres of air per second per person in an indoor environment.  A JD Cooling ventilation system will exceed this requirement. We can create a bespoke ventilation system for any sized building, from small offices to schools or leisure complexes to large scale factories and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Usually a ventilation system is installed in the ceiling but it can also be designed to harmonise with a variety of environments. Plus, our mechanical ventilation system will always include air filtration to remove pollutants from the fresh air.

Minimising the Spread of Covid-19

Now more than ever, it’s important to consider ways of minimising the spread of airborne viruses. Many of those working in an indoor environment alongside other co-workers or students, may be concerned about breathing in other people’s air.

A mechanical ventilation system improves air flow and removes stale expelled air, and brings in fresh air from outside. This better air flow reduces the risk of spreading germs and viruses because this ventilation improves the air quality and reduces the likelihood of breathing in harmful airborne viruses and germs.

G’s Fresh – Fresh Air Ventilation System

As part of the Covid-19 response and the research that good building ventilation reduces the risk of Covid-19 through airborne transmission, G’s Fresh approached JD Cooling to design and install an energy-efficient fresh-air ventilation system to meet guidelines.


“The benefit of this will be felt by up to 130 members of staff working throughout the office and some smaller office areas and meeting rooms.


The project was led by the HVAC department of JD Cooling Group, delivered on time and within budget with the feedback from our staff being incredibly positive.”



Read the full case study here.

We can install a ventilation system into almost any indoor environment.
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Covid-19 News

Response to the Covid-19 Epidemic/Pandemic (Updated: 26/07/21)


Steps have been put in place to minimise the impact on JD Cooling Group employees, customers, services provided and indeed members of the public.

Covid-19 Statement from the JD Board of Directors (Updated: 05/01/21)


We will prioritise work for key sectors and at present time will continue to support all sectors other than those required to close by law.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning During the Covid-19 Pandemic


This guidance will help you identify poorly ventilated areas of your workplace and provides steps you can take to improve ventilation. It will apply in most workplaces.

Covid-19 Update – ‘Business As Usual’ (06/11/20)


The team at JD Cooling Group want to reassure you that we are continuing to operate ‘business as usual’, albeit in a Covid-19 secure manner.