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Bring the outside in

Buildings don’t breathe like they used to. Government guidelines on energy performance standards are designed to limit the losses of a building, retaining energy but also sealing it to the external environment. That means all too often, fresh air just isn’t getting in. Ensuring a clean fresh supply is available to the people working inside your building can make a big difference to productivity by preventing the build-up carbon dioxide in the environment making your workforce lethargic and unproductive.

We specialise in ventilation solutions for anything from offices and schools to huge warehouses, making sure a constant supply of clean fresh air is delivered without affecting the inside room temperature or displacing the air within the environment you have paid to cool or heat.

Our heat recovery systems use air-to-air heat exchangers that recover the thermal energy from the stale air being removed and transfers this energy to the incoming fresh air.

JD Cooling systems can integrate your ventilation systems with an existing or new air conditioning system to deliver a harmonious and environmentally efficient system.

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