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Cleanrooms & pharmaceuticals

Critical environments where experience pays

“100 degrees of cooling – delivering environments from -80°C to +20°C”

We consult, design and install bespoke air handling systems for the pharmaceuticals, electronics, technology, medical manufacturing and research development industries where detail and critical solutions excel the requirements of independent validation and the MRHA stamp of quality.

The air handling system, environmental control, air pattern and filtration are the most essential  elements of cleanroom design and to meet ISO 14644 classification.

JD Cooling Systems have the experience and knowledge to work with your own specific specification and requirements to deliver a bespoke environment for your business. In 2019, JD Cooling won the Best Cleanroom Facility category at the Cleanroom Technology Awards.

The operation of a cleanroom, moving and treating large volumes of air nonstop for months or years on end requires serious consideration at the design phase towards the energy performance and life cost of the system.

JD Cooling have the resources, and experience to offer a tailored AHU system to vastly reduce energy consumption through innovative and enhanced technological solutions and controls.

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