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We work with the world’s leading suppliers of air conditioning equipment to install only the highest quality systems across the pharmaceuticals, technology and commercial industries.

Our expertise in air handling, ventilation, free cooling, clean rooms and data centres means we can offer you an unbiased practical solution, whatever your brief.

But it’s not just about offering a good service – it’s about fuelling our passion for innovation and a genuine drive to seek out the most cost effective and environmentally sound solution for every individual application.

Data Centres

In the northern hemisphere, we benefit from having a suitable average ambient temperature with which we can deliver external air to a data room for the majority of the year. When the ambient air does drop, rejected room heat can be used to temper the incoming external air.

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Heating & Ventilation

We specialise in ventilation solutions for anything from offices and schools to huge warehouses, making sure a constant supply of clean fresh air is delivered without affecting the inside room temperature or displacing the air within the environment you have paid to cool or heat.

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Air Conditioning

In a comfortable clean environment your workforce has their chance to thrive. Our modern air conditioning systems provide increase productivity, work performance and reduced absence, with year-round environmental control they eliminate air borne pollutants such as pollen and traffic exhaust.

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Cleanrooms & Pharmaceutical

We consult, design and install bespoke air handling systems for the pharmaceuticals, electronics, technology, medical manufacturing and research development industries where detail and critical solutions excel the requirements of independent validation and the MRHA stamp of quality.

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