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JD Cooling Group are proud to offer revolutionary fruit storage technology FruitAtmo®. The new interactive controlled atmosphere storage technology is the only system able to control the optimum oxygen set points according to CO2 respiration alone.

Ideal for apples, the new technology revolutionises the storage process for better quality and more natural tasting end-product. FruitAtmo® improves the quality of flesh firmness, acidity and aroma compounds of fruit and makes it less sensitive to bruising and physiological diseases like flesh breakdown, superficial scald and skin spots in Elstar and Golden Delicious varieties. The process reduces fruit respiration and ethylene production resulting in a superior shelf-life after storage.

Furthermore, FruitAtmo® does not require any additional equipment to be integrated into an existing commercial CA-room and will automatically adjust and set oxygen levels without the need for human interaction. Both contributing to significant cost reductions.

Why FruitAtmo®

  • FruitAtmo® can be employed in existing commercial without any additional equipment – reducing the cost for adoption.
  • Oxygen uptake measurement is not necessary to estimate the lowest oxygen limit
  • During the period, that CO2 scrubber is turned-off to allow the accumulation of CO2 in the storage room is not necessary turn-off the oxygen injection. This is very important to avoid low oxygen stress.
  • FruitAtmo® gives the new oxygen setpoint without needing interpretations, unlike other DCA methods.
  • Allows the induction of anaerobic metabolism at safe levels. The induction of anaerobic metabolism results in acetaldehyde and ethanol production by fruit. Compounds that suppress the ethylene biosynthesis increase the aroma production of fruit and prolong the shelf life of the product.
  • All fruit in the room are monitored and not only samples (as in DCA – CF and some methods of DCA – RQ) resulting in more realistic results.
  • Allows the calculation of a factor, which gives evidence about fruit metabolism and consequently if the low oxygen is effective to reduce respiration.
  • Avoids the occurrence of superficial scald on apples by the low oxygen and ethanol accumulation.

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