New Contract Award: Specialist Climate Chamber

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We are delighted to be part of an exciting project, which will see significant industrial refrigeration and air-hygienically sealed AHUs being installed to support a new climate chamber.



The specialised climate chamber will be able to test/prep building products that explores new build and retrofit innovations in conditions that replicate 95% of the global population.


Temperatures range from -20°C to +40°C. Wind, solar, rain and snow can all be simulated allowing innovators to explore global markets. The build product’s thermal performance will then be analysed and graded accordingly before being installed in that specific country.



The refrigeration pack has been designed in-house to confirm to the hygienic part of the quality design concept that JD Industrial offer as ‘standard’ to provide our customers with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks.


Significant Scheme for 2.5km of Pipework (Project Preview)

JD COOLING | Projects

JD Industrial have recently undertaken a project to install over 2.5km of pipework consisting of schedule 10 stainless 304L to ‘fluid group 2’ and ‘category assembly 1’ for steam and condensate – designed to PS 12-bar with a maximum temperature +250oC. All steam and condensate design was undertaken in-house in terms of the valves and expansion rates with condensate receiver.


All piping systems for all the service were designed internally and installed accordingly.


Also, but not limited to, additional services for the contract includes:

  • Chilled water flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Compressed air system two circuits (stainless 304L)
  • Condensate lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • Condensate high pressure lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • Condensate pumped (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • De-chlorinated water (stainless 304L)
  • Effluent (stainless 304L)
  • Hot water +85oC flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Hot water +95 oC flow and return (stainless 304L)
  • Main boosted water (stainless 304L)
  • Softened de-chlorinated water (stainless 304L)
  • Main 12-bar steam lines (stainless 304L, schedule 10)
  • +30 oC first stage of cooling flow and return (stainless 304L)


The allowance in the bridge design to include for future heat recovery system pipes for the customer has reduced the CO2 target and lowered OPEX.


Natural Solution for Energy Efficiency (Project Preview)

JD COOLING | Projects

This project was for a spiral sub-freeze application with modular build, housing steel structure with civil base and fully constructed bunded floor – all conforming to BS EN1090 and PED 2014/68/EU certification. The project undertaken by JD Cooling Group’s industrial team, also includes:

  • New central refrigeration plant low / high temperature.
  • Designed to be a compact dual chamber vessel.
  • Two liquid pumps based on (N+1) arrangement operating at two conditions: -40oC /-25oC (SST) Saturated Suction Temperature.
  • High temperature system open flash economiser.
  • Flooded glycol heat exchangers with efficiency in the form of close Logarithmic Temperature Difference (LMTD) and close approach temperature with additional HX surface of 20%, design to achieve a peak 1,000kW.
  • Low temperature system designed to 790kW -40oC (SST including line loss) compressor.

In conjunction with optimised capacity regulation, with dynamic suction and discharge saturated temperature control via our in-house automation team, we can improve on central refrigeration (EER) Energy Efficiency Ratio factors. Further additional performances have been implemented as a standard in the form of an inline sub-cooler.


With this system, the implementation of a heat pump solution is not viable based on an assessment of the customer’s hot water usage and the return on investment. JD were able to implement an alternate thermal exchange solution to generate +65oC hot water for the customer’s CIP cleaning and process production requirements with the correct guidance and advice.


For more information, please contact us on 01553 767446 or

Customer Feedback – Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Device Research Company

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We are always delighted when we receive great feedback from our customers for the great service our team has provided. This testimonial is from our customer that is a pharmaceutical diagnostic device research company.


“Pete and Lewis finished yesterday and as you mentioned in your last email, they handed over the project to us. I must admit that we are very happy with the final outcome. Your guys have done a great job so thank you very much for your efforts and your work during those three last weeks.

Yesterday afternoon before the handover we were concerned because the temperature and humidity measurements in Lab 3 were tested when the freeze dryer machine was not running. However, tonight the freeze dryer has been switched on and after 12 hours running, the temperature of the room has been maintained to 21oC and RH% of 26%. We are happy with those readings so it will not be necessary to repeat the measurements in Lab 3.”

The Future of Refrigeration

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The below images demonstrate how JD Industrial has brought a well-known food manufacturer’s entire refrigeration plant into the 21st century by installing multi megawatt central refrigeration and assisting them with their target of becoming 100% ‘HFC Free’. This is all complimented with a stable refrigeration and heating solution for the future of the factory.


Highlights include:

  • Natural refrigeration
  • Highly thermodynamic – high heat transfer rate refrigerant medium (ammonia) – promoting high Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Quality design – guaranteed 30+ years system lifespan
  • Efficiency – centralised system using ammonia as the refrigerant medium – the most energy efficient and carbon reducing refrigerant
  • The client’s site has now eradicated 50% of HFCs from their entire plant. The second phase to bring this up to 100% by removing all existing HFCs from the site will happen in Phase 2
  • The client’s performance figures have improved by 38%
  • Significant CO2 kg reduction
  • A number of heat recovery options inclusive of hot water generation up to +80OC – capable of 1.7MWh minimum


Watch out for the full case study in the coming days

Project award – prestigious cleanroom for top motorsport team

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We are very pleased to have been awarded a new cleanroom project for one of the top motorsport teams in F1.

NDAs will understandably restrict any detailed information on this project, as is often the case with our clients and their projects. Nonetheless, this is a very exciting project for us with a company at the pinnacle of research, development and technology.

Project Focus – One of the largest single cleanrooms in the UK

JD COOLING | Projects

We are pleased that we have had a good response from our client since they have moved into their new facility and begun production.

We believe it to be the largest single clean room in the UK made up of 2 large connected halls. Served by 3 AHU’s with a total of 63m3/s of air delivering upto 800kw of cooling and full environmental control.

Project Focus – Cambridge Cleanroom (HVAC)

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We are this week finishing off a small cleanroom complex of rooms to meet ISO 8 near Cambridge using an external AHU connected to a water chiller delivering 1.5m3/s of air through G4, F8 & H14 Hepa filtration. The project is due for commissioing & balancing this week. Our element was design and delivery of the full HVAC package.

It’s all about socks!

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A new factory located in the Midlands requiring a solution to meet high air changes.

To maintain the desired air velocity and deltaT wi thin the existing insulated envelope would not have been easy without the integration of the newly installed fabric duct system(s); other than opting for an air terminal displacement system. This will now deliver a draft-free evenly air distributed room condition whilst not compromising on personnel comfort. We can provide you with a complete design, making a fabric duct system along with the right AHU and input latent KW load the ideal solution for your requirements.