UK Poultry Supplier,

The Customer

Well known for their free-range poultry and game products, the client not only supply many of the UK’s leading supermarkets but also a variety of independent butchers, farm shops and trade distributors locally and nationally.

The Brief

Installation of a secondary glycol system to the Portion Room suitable to also provide cooling to the Added Value Area with consideration for future expansion of the system, and for heat recovery for possible future connection of this into the heat pump. In addition, two existing coolers within the Portion Despatch were replaced with two relocated.

The Solution

Air Handling Unit – Installation of an AHU providing the cooling duty and air change rate suitable for both the Portion Room and the Added Value Area. The cooling coil uses foodsafe mono-propylene glycol – connected to a water chiller.  The AHU has been designed to provide the room cooling in addition, fresh air to suit the occupants within the room. This fresh air combines with the return air to the AHU prior to the cooling coil, allowing the fresh air to be introduced at the room set point. To prevent wet air being drawn through the air handling unit during cleaning, activation of this is via a keyswitch/push button with timed operation.


Air Cooled Water Chiller – Utilising a water / glycol mixture suitable for the operating at the design conditions, the chiller utilises R410a as the primary refrigerant. The chiller is used to cool a secondary cooing fluid, which is the circulated through the system using a circulation pump. This pump is complete with a standby alternative to allow operation of the pump in the event of pump failure. Multiple refrigeration circuits providing backup in the event of compressor failure were also installed.


Future Additional Future Areas – The extension of the system to suit additional future areas was considered. To accommodate this, an additional chiller plant and ring mains were installed. As equipment is replaced in the future, the existing plant area would become available to be used as a plant room for additional pumps, vessels etc. to accommodate system expansion.


Control Panel – To suit the proposed AHU and ringmain pumps etc, the control panel was positioned local to the air handling unit – the existing plant area.


Glycol Ring Main Pipework – Installed using thin wall stainless tubing and fittings. Externally the pipework is insulated with foil faced phenolic insulation clad with PIB sheeting for weather-proofing. All pipework for the secondary cooling system is insulated using foil faced phenolic foam sectional insulation.

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