The Sourdough Company,

The Customer

The Sourdough Company, based in Norfolk is a well-respected and trusted wholesale Bakery Supplier of Artisan Bread and Pastry serving customers throughout the UK.

The Brief

Through the main contractor, JD Cooling supplied and installed new coolers, condensing units, cooling pods and all associated electrical work and commissioning to the existing working bakery.

The Solution

Ceiling Mounted Coolers – Served by two condensing units, JD Cooling supplied and installed two 26 kW ceiling mounted coolers for the existing freezer, located directly next to the chill store.

Two single systems were opted by the client to allow an element of safety whereby one system would provide 60% of the duty required at the maximum anticipated conditions (i.e. 32 ºC ambient temperature). Therefore, in the event of component failure, a single system is capable of maintaining the room temperature.

Rapid Cooling Pods – To draw the air through the product at high speed to quickly reduce the temperature of the product, four new rapid cooling pods were installed, along with all associated pipework and electrics.

Control Panel – The control panel consists of digital thermostats for temperature control, run and fault indication for all motors, on/off control/ pump down switch for each room and all necessary contactors and relays for the safe and efficient running of the plants.

Control Wiring – To complement and support the new cooling pods, JD Power designed and installed all control wiring between the newly installed controls, control panel, motors, and switches.

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