The Customer

Primafruit Limited is a leading name in the fresh produce industry, specialising in the sourcing and supply of fresh fruit to the UK market. Established in 1981, Primafruit is now home to 8,118m² of commercial offices, a packing factory, cold storage zones and dry goods storage areas in Evesham.


In 2015, Primafruit became Waitrose’s sole supplier of grapes, citrus, stone fruit, pineapples and melons by entering into a long-term partnership agreement. Primafruit now exclusively manages the sourcing of imported fruit categories for the large popular retailer.

I can certainly say that JD Cooling have managed our expectations and we look forward to dealing with them again in the future.


The Brief

Following the agreement, Primafruit expanded their Evesham facilities by 618m² to create additional chilled storage for their quality fresh fruit that they are well-known for.


The product planned for storage required stable temperature control with high humidity and in some cases storage close to, or even slightly below zero degrees. The product is now palletised and stacked on racks with a minimum air gap above the top pallet of 1.2m to allow for air passage and mixing.


With a capacity of 1,920 pallet spaces, configured in a flexible pattern, Primafruit can now adapt temperature zones and storage regimes by product and by seasonal demand.

The Solution

This was made possible by the state-of-the-art secondary cooling package designed and installed by JD Cooling Group to serve the Intake Area and Chill Store 10.

  • Single, air-cooled packaged chiller utilising R410a as the primary refrigerant
  • Chiller combining the latest “MicroChannel” condenser, which limits the primary charge of the chiller as well as reducing fan power.
  • Fully welded stainless steel pipework systems to deliver chilled glycol to all coolers/chillers required to serve the facility
  • Five ceiling mounted glycol coolers complete with EC fans offering 2-3 year pay-back or better.
  • Control wiring from our control panels to coolers, pumps, valves, controls, sensors and chillers – carried out by JD Power Systems
  • Common glycol ring main system to serving the various room coolers.
  • Ringmain pumps providing 100% pump capacity the event of motor failure.
  • Hydraulic connections and design to accommodate temporary or future second chiller providing additional and emergency cooling.
  • Glycol control for each cooler with its own modulating glycol valve providing close, stable temperature control of air with the ability to switch off the cooling once the room reaches the required level.
  • New purpose built electrical control panels for all new glycol coolers to control cooler fans, defrost functions and valve operation.

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