New Sushi Facility,

The Customer

The customer is the world’s leading manufacturer of pre-packed sandwiches, wraps, rolls, sub-rolls flatbreads, baguettes, prepared salads and sushi for major supermarkets and high street chains.

The Brief

To further expand their services, the customer employed a main contractor to build a new 8,250m2 food manufacturing facility at their existing site in Northampton. The new building is now dedicated to produce and distribute fresh pre-packed sushi. JD Cooling and JD Power were employed to carry out all the design, supply, installation and commissioning of all refrigeration and main electrical works.

The Solution

Refrigeration Services – The new secondary cooling system comprises of:

  • Two air cooled propane chiller(s) to provide a glycol ringmain
  • CO compressor packs to suit the freezer
  • Ceiling mounted room coolers to various areas
  • Cooling capacity to four Air Handling Units (by others) to a total of 292.1kW
  • Temperation loop to supply fan coil pipework complete with chilled glycol pipework
  • Interconnecting pipework between chillers, room coolers and CO2 compressors
  • Bespoke control panels to suit all coolers, pumps, valve stations, compressor plant
  • Interconnecting wiring between control panels and all associated equipment
  • Condensate drain pipework from all coolers to local points of discharge including insulation and trace heating in any sub-zero areas
  • CO2 detection system to suit
  • Thermostats suitable for integration with the site BMS room temperature display and remote on/off control


WIP Chill Room Coolers – With a major concern being cracking of the rice surface used for the sushi, we felt that the cause was partly through a lack of humidity within the area. By including full modulating valve and fan inverters we utilised PID control to provide an operation that minimises the dehumidifying effect of the cooling system.  By regulating the glycol flow into the coil to maintain a low temperature difference between the air on and air off, this effectively throttles the cooling back and allows the cooling to be constant rather than on off.

This type of control is used regularly on our long-term crop stores to minimise moisture loss from the fresh produce to maximise the storage and shelf life of the product.


Electrical Installation – The complete design, supply and installation of all electrical works to the new building was carried out by JD Power Systems and consisted of the following:

  • HV/LV installation
  • Lighting – internal, external and emergency
  • Small and general power
  • Security systems – door access, CCTV and intruder alarms
  • Communication systems
  • All electrical connections to refrigeration and mechanical plants
  • Structured cabling
  • Fire alarms and detection system – the most up to date addressable fire alarm system, with the inclusion of an aspirating smoke sampling system that gives earlier warning achieved through increased sensitivity, and a stable performance in adverse environments. In addition, the building had areas that are subject to a wash down hygiene procedures, which involves copious amounts of water being used on the wall areas, and the fire alarm devices fitted to them. To guard against nuisance alarms, these areas are fitted with devices carrying the highest ingress protection rating available, and protective covers were required.

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