Lighbody of Hamilton,

The Customer

Lightbody Celebration Cakes, based in Hamilton, employs over 1,100 people and is part of the Finsbury Food Group. It is the UK’s largest supplier of celebration cakes to UK retailers, with a number of major brands in its licenced portfolio, as well as own-label cakes for supermarket retailers.

I have nothing but good things to say about the work JD Cooling have been doing.

Maintenance Planner, Lightbody of Hamilton

The Brief

With over 50 refrigeration assets including: chills, freezers, in-line production cooling, heat pumps and air conditioning units, the job of ensuring the smooth running of these is critical to production.


Derek Shirley, Engineering Maintenance Manager has to ensure all the equipment is maintained and expressed how “impressed I am with the quality of the work undertaken, the clear communication and dedication shown by your engineers to do the best job possible”.


Additionally, it’s important to ensure that all assets comply with the legal requirements for F-Gas leak checking and the refrigeration on-site is audit ready.


The bi-annual leak test combined with a correctly planned maintenance programme is essential to ensure the smooth running of the equipment and is especially critical in this production facility, where refrigeration is such an integral part of the production process.

The Solution

JD Cooling Group’s Scotland division provides the engineering team at Lightbody’s the confidence and peace of mind to know that their refrigeration is being well taken care of by a talented team of engineers.


Lightbody’s Maintenance Planner, Graham Paterson commented, “I just wanted to say we have been very impressed with the work from all the guys. Your engineers seem committed to helping with any issues that arise and their work ethic has been great. I have nothing but good things to say about the work JD Cooling have been doing.”


JD Cooling Group has a company culture of going the extra mile for our customers. We take pride in our work and will work in partnership with our customers like Lightbody as an extension of their in-house engineering team.


We understand the importance of clear communication in any relationship and have invested in the latest technological developments to ensure our customers have real time information on the status of call outs and have access to all relevant paperwork as quickly as possible.


With communication being one of their previous suppliers’ failings, the incorporation of the latest technology into JD Cooling’s normal working procedures has meant Lightbody know what is happening on any service call out.


All engineers carry tablets and/or mobile phone so all information regarding parts, status of jobs etc is immediately transmitted back to the office, creating a clear trail of work history for assets, raising immediate request for parts and quotes.


In addition to supporting service call outs, JD Cooling undertake regular maintenance on all Lightbody’s refrigeration equipment to ensure it is running as optimally as possible and pre-empt potential issues by knowing and looking out for the early warning signs. Well maintained equipment operates far more efficiently and lasts far longer than non-maintained equipment. Helping to reduce running costs in the long-run and extend the life of equipment as much as possible.


Going forward we will also advise on changes to refrigerant gas legislation that could affect them and help them come up with plans to accommodate any such changes. Hopefully a long and healthy partnership will continue to flourish and grow.

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