Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

The Customer

Guardtech Cleanrooms are an industry leading provider of custom cleanrooms; designing and delivering complete controlled environments for the life science and microelectronics industries throughout Europe.


Guardtech Cleanrooms was employed by the end user as the main contractor on the scheme, where they successfully designed and constructed the bespoke Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility.


The End User

As a new business start and UK investment, the life sciences pharmaceutical manufacturing facility that now supplies a wide range of therapeutics for a worldwide market, operationalised in 2016 and saw rapid expansion.

The Brief

To allow the end user to expand and manufacture multiple drugs from formulation to packing, and to provide the market with multiple small batch solutions, a new purpose-built facility was commissioned, enabling operations to take place adjacent to each other, whilst mainlining ISO8 segregation and classification.

The Solution

The new facility consists of 31 self-contained cleanrooms and one warehouse; each cleanroom has its own manufacturing room, change room and material transfer lobby – all connected by a central validated corridor.


Each cleanroom complex within the facility has its own dedicated HVAC / AHU system to enable it to operate completely independently of the other rooms.


A total of 31 air handling units were installed to supply each of cleanrooms and the central corridor.


The mechanical infrastructure was supported by a state of the art 800 kW twin screw compressor chiller; this provided energy efficient capacity control to meet the diversity of the facility.

Other services provided

  • Ductwork
  • Chilled water and mechanical services
  • Chillers
  • Controls
  • Steelwork secondary support

Electrical Installation

Along with the control wiring installation of all 31 AHU’s and all HVAC plant, JD Power were also heavily involved with the main LV electrical design and installation for lighting and power in phases 2 & 3 of the project.


This consisted of:

  • 3-phase power supplies to the control panels supporting the AHUs
  • 300 amp 3-phase supply to the outdoor chiller unit
  • General lighting and emergency lighting
  • Small power
  • 9 No. 3-phase distribution boards
  • Containment
  • Design and installation of 19 No. 2-door interlock system between the cleanroom airlocks


Due to the requirement of significant amount of plant and ductwork in a small physical space, the project had to be designed and coordinated over 3 phases.


Other challenges and specific design criteria we had to overcome included:

  • Containment – Each cleanroom module had to be self-contained ISO8
  • Diversity – Services infrastructure and the central plant had to support full facility diversity
  • Environmental – Strict temperature and humidity control
  • Design – Every cleanroom was different, not one AHU designed was identical to another


Overall, this was a very complex project, both for the HVAC and electrical installation due to the level of services that needed to be coordinated together with all trades. As always with hard work from all JD engineers working together, the project was completed within programme ready for handover to the client.

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