G’s Growers,

The Customer

G’s Growers’ Feltwell site in Norfolk specialises in growing fresh quality red, purple and French Breakfast radishes for both the pre-packed and bunched radish market.

The Brief

Once the crop (radish) is grown, it is then picked, cleaned, and graded on site.


With the previous cold store on site deemed unfit for use and the new harvest pending, G’s Growers required a new fast-tracked cold store to be built and running in time for early May (first harvest).

The internal atmosphere created by the refrigeration solution, along with the foggers is phenomenal.

J Harvey Ltd

J Harvey Ltd, the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor on the project employed JD Cooling to design, install and commission the refrigeration and fogging solution for the new cold store.

The Solution

The brand-new cold store is now home to:

  • Three 34kW DX ceiling mounted coolers.
  • Three 34kW condensing units.
  • Control panel and controlled wiring.
  • Advanced fogging from JD Ultrasonic for a close controlled system.
  • Three 6.5kg / hour humidisk type humidifiers complete with water treatment.


With G’s Growers being the supplier of 75% of the UK’s market for radishes, the new store will now be in constant use up until November 2020.


Challenges Overcome

Having gained planning permission on 30th November 2019, the project begun in December 2019 with the demolition of the existing cold store. Construction of the new cold store was completed in April 2020, handing the commissioned cold store over in time for the start of the 2020 season.


The aim of the project was to fast-track the programme to enable G’s Growers to begin storing radishes from early May in time for the first harvest; the handover date of April was important.


With the pandemic of Covid-19 hitting Europe early in 2020, this unfortunately affected the project, resulting in a slight delay to programme. The knock-on effect from site restrictions, social distancing, and material delays all played their part in a challenging delivery.


With all parties involved in the project working tirelessly together, all the challenges were successfully overcome, with the overall project delivered and handed over in time for the first harvest – much to the customer’s delight.


Customer Satisfaction

The customer was delighted with the new cold store and made positive comments about the store’s performance, the relationship and team work shown between all parties.


Scott Watson, G’S Growers commented: “From planning, installation right through to commissioning I couldn’t be happier, working through Covid-19 and shutdown was a challenge but all contractors that we had took to the new rules with ease, and to have this project finished a week ahead of schedule was brilliant.”


He continued, “The coolers along with the foggers have extended our shelf life and we do not have any dehydration on the top of the dolavs giving us an increased yield through the packhouse. Well done all.”


James Harvey, J Harvey Ltd said, “JD Cooling’s input on this project was excellent, from John Dye’s advice at an early stage, to Mark Pierson’s assistance while heading up the installation. The internal atmosphere created by the refrigeration solution, along with the foggers is phenomenal. I look forward to working with JD Cooling on future projects.”


Adam Stevens, JD Cooling Group commented, “There was huge importance to ensure the project was completed in time for the first radish harvest. It was essential that the team from the client to the consultant, builders and JD Cooling were able to work flawlessly together, especially with the added issues of material and labour shortages impacting us severely throughout Covid-19 when the UK and Europe virtually shut down.”


“We have proven that team work prevails in all situations. Our thanks must go to all involved – a great project to be involved with.”

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