Gressingham Foods Distribution Centre,

The Customer

Well known for their trademark Gressingham Duck and other free range poultry and game products, Gressingham Foods not only supply many of the UK’s leading supermarkets but also a variety of independent butchers, farm shops and trade distributors locally and nationally.

The Brief

To enable Gressingham Foods to carry out their own refrigerated storage and distribution, a new ‘Dutch Barn’ style distribution centre was constructed at their growing and processing facility in Norfolk.

JDI have been a key part of the development of our new distribution centre. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable.

Operations Director, Gressingham Foods

The Solution

The new structural frame distribution centre is now home to the following refrigerated areas:

  • Marshalling area running at +2˚C all year
  • Tray store area (ambient for 11 months) +4˚C
  • Chill store area running at + 2˚C all year round
  • Coldstore running at -22˚C all year round

To service the new areas, JD Industrial Cooling utilised an energy-efficient and low-charge refrigeration system using R449-A HFC as the primary refrigerant and 32% DTX Coolflow as the secondary to include:

Areas at -4˚C or above

Supported by two external refrigerated chiller packs located externally to the centre. The packs refrigerate the secondary glycol which is pumped to all the coolers (-4˚C or above) within the centre. A pumped warm glycol system using waste heat from the central refrigeration plant is used to provide the defrost.

Coldstore (-22˚C and -4˚C)

The coldstore is serviced by 3 separate direct expansion refrigeration plants each operating one evaporator using the primary refrigerant.

Chill Store & Coldstore

The underfloor heating system installed beneath both stores uses pumped warm 32% DTX Coolflow heated from recovered waste heat from the lead the refrigeration plant. In addition, a back-up heater has been provided as a safeguard.


This is kept dehumidified using a rotary wheel desiccant drier to minimise moisture ingress to the coldstore.


Customer Satisfaction

“JDI have been a key part of the development of our new distribution centre. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable. Throughout the project, right from the design stage through to completion, their engineers have been professional and efficient and the systems they have installed are second to none.” Operations Director, Gressingham Foods

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