Global Manufacturer of MDI-Based Polyurethanes,

The Customer

The customer is a global manufacturer providing bespoke polyurethane chemicals to a wide variety of industries including refrigeration, industrial insulation, automotive, marine and leisure.


Operating in Norfolk, the customer’s 55,000 sq.ft factory sits on a 5-acre site in a rural environment.


The plant consists of seven adjoining units, which allow efficient product flow from raw material warehousing, through production, to quality control and finished goods storage.

The Brief

Due to the close proximity of the site, JD Cooling’s HVAC department were able to offer a one-off turnkey solution to assist the customer with their project.


The brief was to refurbish and develop part of an existing and used warehouse space and turn it into a training facility to enable the customer to demonstrate a new product line.

The Solution

Initial phase

A specialist asbestos company was employed to undertake the survey and removal of asbestos within the building as part of the preparation for a safe working environment. Following the removal of asbestos, our team of engineers undertook a full dilapidation of the existing building services, including a toilet block, oil fired boiler, compressed air, domestic and sanitary water. The floor was ground back to a clean finish and then levelled and painted.


Construction phase

The construction phase included:

  • New hygiene fire rated walls and ceilings
  • New doors and windows
  • Bespoke entrance door complete with signage
  • Access cat ladder to enable servicing of the mechanical and electrical plant
  • Lighting, power, data, fire detection and card access – all designed, installed and commissioned by JD Power Systems
  • HVAC heat-pump air conditioning via textile socks in the corporate colour and with the customer’s logo
  • New compressed air lines to run the client training rigs
  • Plumbing
  • Decoration and finishing
  • A specialist bespoke spray booth to meet LEV regulations with viewing windows for training – compliant to HSE Guidance HSG276 and HSG258.



The programme of the whole project was tight with the official order received late December 2019 and the customer requiring building handover and opening by mid-March 2020. To meet the customer’s deadline, our team were able to start on site in the first week of 2020 resulting in the successful handover a full week prior to the customer’s deadline.


As the main contractor we coordinated the full site operations and project managed the site as per the duties of a Principal Contractor; working with the customer to deliver the project on time. Liaising on a daily basis to implement additional safety procedures, whilst maintaining the customers extremely high safety standards, ensured the health and safety for everyone on site remained paramount.


The programme and preconstruction coordination with all trades was key to the success of this project, each element was meticulously planned and executed to ensure continuity in the build phases and seamless integration between the elements of the construction.

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