Top Tips: Maintaining Your Clean Room Air Conditioning System

  • A clean room HVAC system requires more attention than standard air conditioning systems. Ensure your plant has a suitable PPM to meet the critical requirements of your facility
  • Ensure any return air grilles are kept clear and clean
  • Ensure your clean room garments cover all of your clothing and are suitably sized. Personnel and their activities are one of the major sources of room particulates
  • Regular checks to all doors and product access points should be a priority – these are by far the biggest cause of room pressure loss in a facility.
  • Set out a short to medium term plan to better seal your facility. By reducing leaks, the volume of conditioned ambient air can be decreased, resulting in a huge cost and energy saving
  • Consider preparing for your re-validation by having a dedicated clean room team test – service the room in the months leading up to it and reduce the risk of downtime
  • Older systems may have been designed to lower ambient conditions. A water spray bar (adiabatic) on the external coil may give you that additional capacity when the mercury rises
  • Consult your clean room specialist before you make a change in the room. Most clean rooms are bespoke to the process in which they were designed for. Changes may have a big impact to its operation
  • Consider the classification of your room and if the air changes, rates and pressure differentials could be lowered. Reducing fan power and conditioning the ambient air will cut your energy use
  • Changes to ISO standards are always on the horizon, stay in touch with us on Linkedin for the latest updates (they may save you thousands).