Top Tips: Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

  • Ensure your plant is regularly serviced to keep it running effectively and efficiently
  • Raise the set point in the summer by 1 or 2 degrees to save energy and running costs. 22oC is still comfortable when it is hot outside
  • Lower the set point in winter for the same reason. 19oC is still comfortable when it is freezing outside
  • Run your server room at a higher set temperature. 26oC is pretty standard practice now and will have a huge impact on running costs and energy use
  • Do not be afraid to turn the office air conditioning off and open a window, however do not open a window and have the AC on at the same time
  • Do not adjust the set point more than a couple of degrees at a time – allow the system time to stabilise
  • Use a low fan speed and adjust the vanes to direct the air – auto is not always the best function
  • Keep the return air filter clean to prevent bad smells
  • Set-up your system time clock effectively to prepare for the day ahead, but also to save energy when not occupied
  • Never under estimate the benefits of fresh air – try to utilise your air conditioning for when it is really needed