With many companies throughout the UK using refrigerant technologies that are being phased out by 2030, JDI Cooling are able to provide advice on what systems you should be installing for the future.

Our industry experts will work with you to design and install integrated heat recovery and cooling systems for major industrial usage. This innovative system recovers heat produced by the cooling systems and uses it for heating purposes. This can save the client 40% of their energy costs, and this saving can be further increased by the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

With our experience, knowledge and efficient system designs we specialise in natural refrigerants CO2 (R744) and Ammonia (R717) within various market sectors such as processed foods, convenience food, distribution and dairy / milk production.

JDI Cooling are unique in that we can offer those solutions together with the traditional solutions which are still the right systems to use in some circumstances.

Our priority is to ensure our clients receive the correct advice and principle designs to suit their process cooling or heating demands.
We also aim to meet the lowest CO2 emissions by achieving the highest performing system EER factors in conjunction with:

  • Ammonia absorption Systems
  • Low or high grade heat recovery, either open or closed heat pumps achieving high Coefficient of Performance, saving 40% in operational costs in conjunction with 81% CO2 reduction

We offer complete design and installation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for offices through to pharmaceutical clean rooms across the whole of the UK - one of the only UK-wide contractors to offer all of those services in one place.

For more information about our range of industrial cooling solutions, please contact us.