JD Cooling design and supply refrigeration systems to suit every need.

Many cooling projects in the industry still use direct expansion (dx) systems. These can contain large amounts of refrigerant gases, under increasing scrutiny by environmental legislation. Control of a dx system is also comparatively crude, with excessive product weight loss and energy usage.

At JD Cooling, we can improve your existing dx solution or design and install a new dx system, increasing efficiency and eradicating over 90% of refrigerant gases. However, it is the industry's and our belief that dx is not the future of long-term crop storage. Which is why JD Cooling are constantly innovating and striving to create new, improved cooling systems. Like our own revolutionary Passive Up Flow (PUF) system, a highly efficient solution which enhances the quality of your stored produce. This can be used in conjunction with our comprehensive monitoring and control technology, Intecrop®.

Whether you need an updated, improved dx solution, an advanced secondary cooling system or the latest thinking in alternative technology, JD Cooling have the refrigeration expertise to give you outstanding results time after time.


At JD Cooling we listen to our customers. Which is how we realized there was a need for an energy-efficient and natural alternative to classic secondary cooling systems. After extensive research, development and testing we launched PUF®, our revolutionary Passive Up Flow system.

PUF® cooling systems use far less energy and refrigerants than traditional systems. A low-power fan draws air evenly from the top of the store, pushes it through a unique glycol coil and delivers a blanket of chilled air evenly across the base of the store. From there, the cool air uses natural convection to rise up through the stacks of crop.

This highly effective, economical solution provides stable air temperatures, enhancing the quality and extending the fresh life of the produce. All with minimal environmental impact. PUF® can be used in conjunction with another of our technological innovations, Intecrop®.


Traditionally, cooling systems have used a variety of different control methods, such as temperature and energy monitoring and ethylene injection systems. JD Cooling have created Intecrop®, a new technology which combines all these aspects of long-term storage control into one highly efficient and convenient interface.

Intecrop® is a fully integrated control, monitoring and alarm system for regulating every part of your store’s cooling system, including temperature, energy levels, humidity and gas. It features a highly visual and user-friendly touch-screen, with complete control of your store’s atmospheric conditions at your fingertips. Intecrop® can be accessed remotely online, allowing you to control your system from anywhere in the world. It can also send alarm signals to your email account or mobile phone. With Intecrop® you are fully in control of your store. Combine it with one of our bespoke cooling systems and you have a total cooling solution for all your long-term crop storage needs.