• Chill Storage

    Chill Storage

    We have vast experience in providing bespoke cooling systems to suit any size or shape of storage area. For racked storage areas, we can install ceiling- or floor-mounted cooling. For high-care, populated production areas we can install low velocity air systems designed to suit your needs.
  • Chill Storage


    JD Cooling have pioneered a revolution in hydrocooling, re-establishing it as the primary means of removing field heat from root crops like carrots, parsnips and new potatoes. We use much more re-circulating water than other manufacturers, with a unique coil design and improved filtration. The result is low, uniform crop temperatures and vastly enhanced quality. We also make stainless steel hydrocoolers for processed produce like peeled potatoes and carrots.
  • Chill Storage

    Process Water Chilling

    More and more industrial processes require water to b e circulated at a specific temperature and flow rate. Whatever your process entails, JD Cooling can supply a bespoke solution, with the heat exchanger and filtration system tailored to your requirements.
  • Chill Storage

    Blast Chilling

    Blast chilling fresh produce is a vital part of the cold chain, combating bacterial growth and prolonging freshness and shelf-life. We have a huge wealth of experience in this process, with unrivalled knowledge in high humidity blast chilling.
  • Chill Storage

    Controlled Atmosphere Storage

    Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores prolong the storage of fresh produce like apples, onions, cabbages and grapes. They do this by vastly reducing oxygen levels whilst also controlling levels of CO2 and sometimes ethylene. In conjunction with temperature and humidity control this allows fresh produce to be held in storage for up to 12 months. JD Cooling has a high level of expertise in the provision of CA storage.
  • Chill Storage

    Packhouse Cooling Systems

    We understand the challenges facing food producers to satisfy the stringent demands of the cool chain. Using low velocity coolers, fabric sock cooling and other specialised cooling techniques we can deliver cold without the draught thereby easing the discomfort of operatives and reducing accidents through "numb finger" syndrome.
    Furthermore we understand the positive pressure for High Care Production facilities and how to achieve this without incurring excessive running costs.