Sit at the bar in any of the country’s top hotels and you’re likely to have a bowl of olives in front of you from The Fresh Olive Company. Their olives, oils, antipasti and vinegars have been at the forefront of Britain’s Mediterranean food revolution for over 15 years.

When The Fresh Olive Company decided to open a new facility in Greenford, Middlesex, they asked JD Cooling to take care of their all-important chilled storage. A cooling system was needed which would optimize space, be energy efficient and enhance performance over a diverse range of production techniques.

Our technologically advanced solutions included positive pressure, high-care production areas where fresh air is filtered, cooled and discharged into temperature-controlled rooms. This enables personnel and produce to enter and leave these areas without any risk of contamination from foreign bodies – vital in storage of ready-to-eat produce.

The Fresh Olive Company can now explore potential new markets in the knowledge that they will surpass all expectations of production and quality. Their new factory manufactures a delicious range of foods and ingredients, distributed and enjoyed globally. JD Cooling have helped to make this a truly world-class facility.